by Jaberi & Deutsch

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oh when I wake up in the morning you think I'm so cold
you don't even wanna talk to me
you say go away and don't bother me, yeah
but really you're the one who's cold
I'm not that old
so I'm not that grumpy
although I might be kinda shlubbie
might have some spots on my jeans
some shirts that aren't clean
might go to work at my job
where I don't make a lot
guess that's cool
cuz I work at an art school
telling these fools try not to gossip
just pick another topic
here come mark he's gonna drop it

everybody is mean and I'm angry
cuz my TV acts like a bully
reality looks kinda funny
everybody acts dumb on the TV
I'm so confused
I don't even know how to care for you
in middle school the kids kicked me outta the crew
it's a wooly bully world and I'm lost, boo
please get me out of this traffic
all the noises remind me of graphics
demographics, rubbing, and static
show me love man without even laughing
and if you can't handle this
take a seat try my homemade apple crisp
you and all your friends can be my guest
though I didn't have a chance to clean my desk
take my secrets out pull em out and laugh at them
my soul's made of adamantium
did you say you were bi-curious
that word'll lose its meaning if you hang with us

don't bother me
don't make fun of me
no bully

when I wake up and go to school the next day
some kid called me gay
but I don't care what he say
cuz I gotta do it this way
I know I'll get outta here soon
til then I'll just hide in my doom
listening to michael jackson, backstreet boys, and aretha franklin
and new edition
see what I can cook up in the kitchen
I hate beef so I'ma make chicken
am I tall enough to touch the ceiling
stay home while my friends get high
been missing my dad since the day he died
can't hold this all inside
I gotta get out and fly
but that's the past got something brand new for that ass

don't be cool and don't be tough
don't pretend that you've got no love
just hold me close and just shut up
you're not helping it when you joke
I'll do my best to not be cruel
I know sometimes I bully you
don't be cool
and don't be tough
and don't pretend that you've got no love

don't make fun of me
don't make fun of me
no bully


released January 22, 2012




Jaberi & Deutsch Oakland, California


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